Monday, May 08, 2006

Tax-decutable Self-destructing Costs

Disclaimer: This is an unfinished blog, may make it a "blurb." Why should I finish this article? You tell me. It makes me depressed to think of how MESSED up much of our entire race (human) currently is. Sad, sad, so sad.

Why is it that we must destroy our natural selves for the sake of employment?

Perhaps when my business is booming, I’ll hire only people who are grooming minorities. If you have a new hair cut, BAM!!!!!!!! You’re fired.

What should be tax-deductible?

HAIRCUTS - $50 per/year for MALES (DIY costs of one electric hair trimmer, though he must shave his head)
Minimum - $120 per/year for FEMALES (Because women may not shave their heads, because it’s harder for them to find a job with a shaved head)
RAZORS – Men must shave their faces, because most places will discriminate against a man with a beard, especially one over approximately 1 inch in length.
STOCKINGS – Women are less likely to be hired if they show legs with hair on them.
STYLISH CLOTHING - If someone does not know how to utilize their vision of style to use cheap clothing, they may have to purchase expensive clothing to keep up with trends, because if they look like the 18th century in the 21st, THEY'RE FIRED! Or worse yet, not hired in the first place, which is the most likely case.

These are all things unofficially required to attain employment.

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