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Doing Nothing for Peace of Mind

I want to do nothing to get peace of mind, but I am restless for fear of losing time. I think doing nothing as much as possible may bring outer peace. Outer peace shoud intice inner peace. I wonder if the observations of a peaceful situation will show it is the same as an unpeaceful situation, with majorly the perception of the same situations changed. I wonder if there is no time to do nothing, then perhaps there is time to give up? Perhaps giving up the strained search for peace will make peace reveal itself? It does seem contradictory to strain for peace... However it goes against modern thought that specifically reducing the ammount of effort would produce better thoughts. Perhaps when thinking about nothing, it removes both positive and negative (doubt) thoughts... Giving a chance to start a new each time the "giving up" is started... And the direction of the new hope seems likely to have a good chance to more easily go in the direction the new hope was started... Either doubted or doubtless...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Holy Bloody Crap Batman, that's disgusting!

I have a feeling that no matter what your exclaiming about Robin, it's not going to compare to the level of disgust what you just said stirs.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Multiple Lines of Lore

The best punishment I can give myself for having vices is to disallow myself to act towards the vices.

I want to rid myself of pride, yet make sure that void is filled with an idea of equality being more, not an idea of admitting equality being less.

I just shaved and now I fear that my physical check of humility being gone will result in pride. I don't know why that whenever I seek humility for myself, people see it as self-destruction... The ego is not self, is it?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Commute

poo shoe
poo shoe,
originally uploaded by paulbillett.
I realized I stepped in dog mess towards the beginning of a three hour traffic jam on my way to work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quality of Life

When judging the quality of life at any point and disregarding the misery, which is worth disregarding, life has always been amazing.

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You Think You're So Smart

you are think you so smart with your fancy law schoolin but when you are thirdsy in the dessert and need to find the watter whole les see who have the smart now.

Knowledge and intelligence are different. Make sure you know the difference before you consider yourself "smarter" than someone else. Knowledge is relative to locative conditions, whereas intelligence, ones abilities* to use knowledge is not.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quitting smoking

I just responded to someone asking for advice on quitting smoking on Yahoo Answers. I know my reply isn't going to be well received by everybody, but I figured if I didn't say something, the worst that would happen is someone wouldn't get help. I figured the worst that would happen if I were wrong is I would only look like an idiot, which seems well worth the risk of damage of my personal image considering someones personal health. I shouldn't care about my personal image.

Self obsessed ego's are entrapments of men. Ironically and thankfully, those 'mightier-than-thou' of ego's are becomming cliche.

I've been guilty of having one of those ego's. I've been trying crushing it, but it's been hard... It's as if I'm throwing away a shield, but it does make me more light-footed, so to speak.

I am not who others think I am and I'm probably not who I think I am, for neither others nor I know myself well enough. I do know that I want peace and will do anything short of disturbing peace in pursuing it. I'm not talking about peace of action, but peace of mind, where happiness can remain in myself and others as in a reflection on clear waters on a sunny day. When Earth trembles, our minds still can be still. Our minds will not spill as the Earth moves, as our cup does not spill when we walk with it. We will have peace.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

About Happiness in the World - A comment

This is an extended comment I made on Donald Trumps blog post about "The Worlds Happiest Nations"
I'd say Mr. Inglehart is right [about the correlation between happiness and peace]. Who's happy about fighting except professional fighters? And even those professional fighters are only happy when they're winning, but in modern times they don't even have to worry about death so much. It's not like the sword fights of old.

Regarding the correlations [of peace between democracies] - I'm not a history or political major so I can only speak for recent years through memory, but it seems to me like governments usually don't want to fight each other, considering themselves friend by default (enemy of my enemy is my friend, considering other forms of government their enemies)... I think there's more to the correlation of happiness with democracies though... People actually feel more safe from their government because they have a strong hand in its actions (at least, they're supposed to). Even at its worst when the people are convinced they've played a major part in their own directions, they can say "at least I'm fighting for something I believe in."
(I thought this may be a bit too political of an extension to include in the comment on his blog)
People need to realize something about democracies which makes them fragile though. The biggest reason they're better than a communist government is because a democracy realizes that a single person or small group of people can easily become corrupt. When corrupt they will over look the common good. A democracy needs to be stirred, like any good soup, it will burn if not stirred. The richest and most humble flavors need to be spread throughout, so that every bite will be just right. Not too powerful, not too weak. A democracy is a Samaritans government when it's working the way it's supposed to.

By the way, the Trump Blog has some very good reads to it. I suggest subscribing to it if you want to hear one of the most powerful mens opinions in the world, he supposedly posts the blogs himself. I find he's surprisingly humble and expectedly intelligent.

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Enunciation Without Information

First they want take away our information, creating a stunted education, resulting in a society too stupid to save their right to enunciation.

I had this thought around the time I wrote an article about Obama on Net Neutrality.

Relaxing Lions

I think it takes a little ignorance to really relax sometimes... So I suppose a small dose of it every now and then is probably healthy.

Image Credit: Tambako

Lions don't relax in fields because it hurts ;)

As long as we don't get gluttonous with relaxation, we'll be alright... It's amazing how quickly and easily anything can be over done (referred to as gluttony), I'm pretty sure a major key to controlling gluttony is realizing that just as easily as a habit has started is just easy as it can be put to rest. We don't think very much about habits when we start them, so why should we think so much about stopping them? That's so tiring that it's boring. Just don't think about it, quit it, and relax. Take a break.

The Value of Scientific Opinion

Sometimes science is creating public opinion, other times it's validating it, but either way it currently determines for the masses the question of their own sanity claiming priority over their own experiences; In essence, determining reality for the masses.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who's the Smartest Person in The World - A comment

This is an extended version of a comment (which only allowed 300 characters) to this question (which I did answer and had my answer chosen the best): Who's the Smartest Person in the World and Why?

I think the more virtues and stronger virtues a person has, the more smart they may become...

This "serenity prayer" is about requesting virtues from god... acceptance, courage,
"God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things that should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other."

There are many other virtues though...

I think the lessons people will learn from obtaining these virtues can be applied throughout life and make things in general more understandable. Some virtues are learned by chance, but many may need to be actively sought.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Struggling with Trichotillomania

Well, after quite a few months of a newly acquired habit (started before I cold-turkey quit smoking), I've started to get thinning hair in the spot I pick. It does happen to be in the back of my head, right where the hair twirls outwards from the start.

Jesus, it's been hard putting it aside... Especially since it doesn't really hurt and kind of feels good. I've felt like my scalp was itching since I was about 15/16. I forced myself to stop picking after a short few months of doing it when I was younger, after trying dandruff shampoos and they did nothing. I didn't know why I was doing it, just that I was pulling out hair in the process.

I've come to the conclusion (as perhaps I did the first time, if my memory was perfect) that this is a self-perpetuating habit. I may scratch my head once out of curiosity, or because some outside source has made it itch. From there the perpetuation follows: Slightly scratching stimulates skin which feels good, the skin is damaged so it needs to regrow, the process of healing and regrowing creates more itching, it's scratched more, it re-heals causing itching, then is scratched again, eventually the skin hardens and it takes harder scratching for the same amount of stimulation, so it's scratched harder, eventually to the point where hairs cannot stand the scratching.

I keep finding/making up reasons on the fly for why I should allow myself to scratch. Sometimes it's because "maybe it will be different this time?" I'm actually pulling out hair follicles that for some reason, perhaps because their roots remind me of pimples seem to be bad, and thus GOOD to be pulled out. I'm probably wrong with my conception that those little knobs on the end of hairs are bad for any reason... I shouldn't rule out the environmental factor, possibilities in food consumption or natural surroundings not agreeing with my particular body makeup- or hair follicle make-up to be more precise.

The one thing which is most hard, but most necessary to not even consider stopping my trichotillomania is public opinion. I shouldn't let what others think of my "looks" determine how I look.

I've begun pulling hair out in other places as a test. While I've developed those places to a point where the hair is easier to pull out, it still hurts and at its best never feels good - it doesn't even itch. So perhaps the re-healing/perpetuation theory is out... It's still slightly up in the air.

I know I don't have lice, unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough for it to be something so easily identifiable as this. I've been scratching my head on and off for years and have even shaved my hair within less than a quarter inch to my scalp. There's no flakyness, so I'm not even sure if it's dandruff. Even when shaved though, my scalp still itches. It feels so good to scratch it and that usually ends up being my final justification to allow myself to do it... It's like scratching a mosquito bite... Something which I've prided myself on having self-control over by not scratching... I've prided myself on self-control a lot. Perhaps this is my punishment... Perhaps since I believe I should be punished this is a psychologically self fulfilling prophecy. That would suck. There's so many things it could be. I know what I really need to do (but for what reason?) is to just stop scratching. All of the other mumbo jumbo doesn't matter... But what is my motivation!

It's possible that UV rays may be causing the itching, at least that's one of the things I assumed from this article. I used to have psoriasis when I was younger, but I stopped giving it attention and tried willing it away. I'm not sure if that's why it's gone, but it's gone now. Modern science would suggest that's crazy, but modern science doesn't integrate will power into their calculations far too often. Will power is often an absolute deciding factor in some situations. I'm just curious what will happen if I continue to scratch my head? Will the ultimate lesson be that I should have stopped myself when I thought it might be the right thing to do earlier? Or will the ultimate lesson be I've evolved past the necessity of hair? Hahaha. Who the hell knows? I'm pulling my hair out over this question! :D lol, that's right... laugh... it's not that serious anyways. well, at least not for me since i seek spiritual peace and know that my body will never be as i want it, unless i want it as it is.

I've also thought that perhaps slight scratching of the head, so long as it's greatly controlled and moderated may be good for my hair, since it may stimulate growth.

Who knew I could go on so long about hair? I'm surprising myself right now.

Since global temperature has been rising, and evolutionarily speaking, the hair of my race (white) has been formed to keep warm, the hair is becoming less necessary, perhaps even obtrusive, potentially causing overheating and the scratching of the head is induced by an adaption to environmental changes.

Perhaps I am getting too little or too much UV exposure? Perhaps I need more direct exposure or less? Hahaha. So many things it could be and it could be more than one or even none! Should I shun this for lack of fun? I think I should stop pulling my hair and without pun this matter is done!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Enso Circles

space circlces
space circlces,
originally uploaded by chexed.
Finally, I have someone else who uses the creation of the circle in some of the same manners I do. I used it for years to achieve enlightenment.

While I don't use it as a spiritual diary as is used in the Buddhist Enso, my frame of mind (or "mind set") may be viewable from the circle.

The painting in this blog post is something I did years ago, towards the height of my spiritual journey. As of recent years, I have focused on family. However, in the most recent times, feeling the responsibility of a father, I have become humbled and seek enlightenment once again, so that I may help others achieve happiness.

I found the Enso while skimming an article on Zen Buddhism which I found while researching a psychology article titled "Flow_(psychology)." I found this article when curiosity led me to view the results of a Google search of "the flow" (with quotations), hoping that my recent article (or a past one I had forgotten about) on "the flow" as I know it would have been a top result. My article was not even in the top 100 Google results.

There are so many great things to learn from so many religions. Due to this experience, I am interested in finding a book on Zen Buddhism.

If you want to see the original version of the painting (before the colors were digitally inverted), see it- the "spacious circles."

Monday, June 30, 2008

Doing Wrong To Me

I want you to know that though you've done wrong to me, I forgive you and even if you do wrong to me again, I'll forgive you again... So this way you don't have to worry and I don't kid myself into thinking I wouldn't forgive you the next time too. It's been so many times and still I don't know if you just don't care or if you just don't realize.

Times do however come when I must and have stood for what is right, my family and friends (none of which are left out, even you who may hate me). I also stand for forgiving morals which have been stretched to accompany even the strangest human customs to attend to the basic human needs of everyone. Though I try to be more forgiving than the most nimble twig, there does come a point where I must choose between snapping back or being broken and I will try not to snap back as hard as the force that pushed me so far. If I do snap back so hard, I hope that you will forgive me and tell me I have went to far to ensure I know of my mistakes.


There are many things you will do that will offend me, but for most I will do nothing and when your in need, I'll still help you.

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Tips For Writing comment

While reading an article on tips for writing, I decided to comment!

"Taking out words like "i think" and "i believe" take away the readers ease of knowing how strongly the writer feels about what s/he has written. For example: I think the world may be flat, but I also think it may be round, since evidence points to round, for now I'll believe that the world is round. This is just my opinion.

In all honesty, if memory serves me correctly, I have had less comments on argumentative articles where the grounds for my conviction seem less solid, but if I were to speak negatively about the grounds of opposer's of my convictions, I fear for their characters sake often may seem less solid than my grounds.

A little quid pro quo: Some stand on mountains and some fly. Who is better?

Thanks for your article!"


I'll be trying some of these things, especially the introductions and conclusions... I too often start in the middle, after all, if time is infinite, then that's where we and everything else in the present are, right? With infinity of time on both sides?

Well that's the end, I suppose I'm not too good at ending things... Neither is time, is it?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Perception of Time

This was a bulletin post on myspace...

Without a perception of time, a year is the same as a month. it happens in three stages, it begins, its happening, and it's done, no more stages than any other moment in time. Seeing time in this manner seems a likely way to make time pass faster if desired, so long as other methods of time measurement are not employed. Because every moment apparently has an end, it can be assumed that even while a moment is happening, it has already ended in the future.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Death by a thousand impatient moments

My tolerance for pain I hold in high esteem, but I have learned about myself that an abundance of vagrant impatience peels off layers of skin creating the sensation of a death by a thousand cuts.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Anyone doesn't know everything has the ability to make mistakes and could be making one right now...

(Related subject... Subjective Reality)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Earth Pimples

Even the Earth has pimples! They're called volcanoes... I wonder who pops them?

Universal Math

I do not think the universe works in accordance with math, because when math does two plus two it always equals four, but when then universe replicates something, it's always slightly different. Two plus two is 4.00091920200001011010111 and on a rare occasion it may even be 7.

I'm only partially joking about this.

If you look closely enough at an atom, a neutron, or anything, even those tiny things will probably have "finger prints."

Friday, April 11, 2008

Can You Help Me Move A Couch?

One asks another to bring a couch to their basement, but it wont fit in the door. The helper breaks the couch up and tosses the pieces down the steps.

"There, it's in the basement."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cashier

The cashier rings up the customers groceries and when the eggs come up they're gently put in then a can of beans is fiercely thrown onto the eggs as the customer turns to get something else out of the cart.

(Undetected, operation Cracked Up happened smoothly as planned. The rest of the grocery experience went on as normal.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making Up WOrds

Comment I made on:
Is you is or is you aint good with words?

I've tried making things up, but it's harder than I had thought!

1st thing: It has to be something original, of course - that's the hard part and the only reason it's hard is because of the second part.

Sure, I could say WAZOOJOWGA is a word (this one is of excitement), but if it's too complicated it's not memorable enough to stick, which is number three, memorability. Now that I've skipped a number lets get to number 2:

2nd thing: It has to make sense by looking or hearing it... Which makes number 1 harder, because you have to make up something that no one has heard before, yet still makes sense... and the nature of language has a way of naturally making up words that make sense on its own course of evolution: slang. Slang eventually becomes part of dictionaries and is eventually forgotten of as slang! lol... Take for example anyone from anywhere, they call the place they live something that sounds little like what it was originally pronounced... In New Orleans they call it "Norlans" and people in the US call Maryland "mare-uh-lind" all together... Originally I bet 5 cents it was likely pronounced "Mary-Land" from the Land of Mary... And I'm not a betting person.

I made up FANTABULOUS once! At least I think I maid it up, I had never heard anyone use it before... I just took a few words which basically had the same meaning (understandability), didn't really mean anything different (adding a cuteness factor), and memorable (sounds gaudy/cool/big), but I hadn't yet learned (though now I have from this example) that practicality (number 4) was very important... Which even though it's cute and cool, can't stand against practicality for very long, so it gets picked up, but trickles away leaving little trace...

Addded: Context Learning

I've also found the best way to introduce a word is nonchalantly, along the way, inconspicuously, etc... I've never really thought that much about why it works out best to introduce it that way, but I think it's because the meaning of the word can be assumed by its context... which is how we learn many words the context, whereas force-feeding ourselves doesn't seem to have as much of an impact... Look at the great idea, but universal language for example... I think we learn best through context learning because that's how we learn from the start... Think of a baby seeing a parent pointing at a star and saying star... Well the context would say since all of the actions were in one moment, that those actions may be related. In order to survive and progress, we must learn and adhere to this method of context learning, so things that may be learned in this 1st priority learning style have a higher chance of being learned, since this method of learning is likely most adept.

Another comment (though unrelated to this one, but) on the same site of the blogger, Carolyn, was posted on Why Aren't You Writing?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dancing Aliens

What would aliens think we were doing if they seen us dancing?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I love taking pictures so much, I often look like a tourist in my own neighborhood.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Person 1: Drink some Gatorade for that cold, the electrolytes will help you.

Person 2: I don't want no electiciteh runnin thru my boddah!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blego Definition

I don't normally post this stuff, in fact, it'll probably be my first and last time! I don't even have a proper category for it on, so I'm posting it ony my "That Which is I have been tagged with a meme! Honestly, I don't feel like looking for the definition of "meme" other than the one I know which isn't what it's used for here in the "blogosphere," but from what I gather many bloggers consider it nothing more than a chain letter. I feel at least this meme is quite different, because it contributes to the betterment of the whole, sharing knowledge amongst many, even if on a seemingly joking subject. I got this one from my friend, Amid. It originated apparently from someone named Wogan May. This meme is actually kind of funny too when reading the definitions made by contributors.

In this meme we're supposed to define what a "blego" is, which may or my not be anything before we define it. So what the heck do people consider a “blego”? Here are what others have tried to define it so far, plus my opinion what it ought to be:

Blego (’s definition) - n. an acronym of “blog ego”, which pertains to a blogger’s sense of self in the blogosphere.

Blego (’s definition) - n. a protologism combining blog and ego. Used to define the ego of a blog or blogger. Like personal ego, blego may be good or bad.

Blego (’s definition) - n. a toy for children to build with but with a B in front.

Wogan May’s definition) - abbr. Breaking Little Enterprises - Godzilla Organisations.

Blego (’s definition) - n. An Eggo waffle and a blog mixed together. I don’t know what this would look like, but maybe I can come up with a prototype.

Blego (
Amid’s defintion) - expression. “Bleh, let’s go!” If you’re being forced to go somewhere or do something, by your spouse or friends, just slur those words together and get “blego”. It is usually said after a big sigh. For example, “Do I have to? Hrmph! Blego!”

Blego (
David Rader II's definition) - n. A type of blog which makes people go "bleh." Kind of like a "splog" is a spam blog, a blego is a "bleh blog." You could just say it's a bleg, but it's more cute to say blego. - Honestly, I think "bloggers ego" is my favorite pick, I just wanted to contribute something different.

A blog meme has rules, this one has rules.

1. The person tagged must copy the word (”Blego”) and paste the definitions of the word contributed previously by the people who did the meme.
2. Link backs would be nice, but not necessary.
3. The person tagged must then add her own definition in this format ‘’s definition’ and place your link. Being creative with the acronym is encouraged.
4. Answer the following questions.
5. Tag 5 other people to do the meme.

For #4, here are the answers to the questions:

1. Do you know what your blog is really about, and you can write a one-sentence promotional material for it in a flash? If yes, write it here.

I absolutely love writing and feel that anyone who expresses their thoughts and shares their experiences makes themselves more valuable more to the whole of society, so that's what I do, write for myself and everyone.

(everyone has their own experiences, I think it would be foolish to leave anyones opinions out if all were possible to take all of their opinions in)

2. Do you join social networks to promote your blog? If yes, do you hope to find friends in these social networks and in the process get regular readers of your blog?

Yes, I have joined many. I have found friends through their use as well. It's an excellent way to connect with other bloggers.

3. Do you or do you plan to join ranking sites that put your blog in competition with others for popularity? If yes, do you or do you plan to monitor your stats regularly?


4. Do you tweak your blog often in accordance with the tips you get from blogging guides and gurus? If yes, list the bloggers you visit often to obtain these tips.

Mostly only Swollen Pickles... I think he may be a little newer to the blogging game than the top dogs are, which allows me to gain more from his experiences, especially because he expresses them honestly and most of his tips are something new bloggers can jump in on.

5. Do you think of your next post even if you have just written a new one? If yes, list your inspirations for posting, and/or some routines that you go through before posting.

Yes, I have many posts waiting to be posted. Over the course of more than 3 years of pen and pencil writing, I have boxes and boxes full of material... I'm just trying to organize it before I post it.

TAG 5 BLOGGERS TO DO THIS MEME!!!! I'm tagging 5 people I don't know to meet some people, because that's part of what posting a "meme" is all about - connecting with other bloggers.

1. BendzG

2. read my mind

3. By the Sea

4. Footprints on the Moon

5. Michael's So-Called Life

Friday, February 01, 2008

Method to Madness

There's a method my madness! Don't try to comprehend it all at once, there's a good chance you'll instantly go crazy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Qassia Beta Experience: Just Like Wikipedia

Is Qassia like wikipedia?
No, Qassia is NOT like wikipedia. Although it seems most of the users are used to wikipedia or article entry style websites, Qassia has something very promising to offer other websites don't. Something personal.

I understand they're still in beta, so I want to share some tips! They should have a more defined section (not more complicated, but with more examples of acceptable content so users know what kind of things they should approve and for what reasons. Keep the general, add a link to "more."

Also, I'm sure that a lot of users are just clicking through articles to approve them and to a small degree I can understand why... Because they get credits and there's rarely a "tid-bit" of information submitted on that site, so you have to read sometimes over 500 words to read, yet you get the same amount of credits for grading a 200 word submission as a 500 word submission. There should be a (lenient) counter that makes a person stay on the page they're grading a certain amount of time to grade the article. The length of that counter should depend on how many words are in the article, but should be lenient, because the people who read fast shouldn't be scorned and the people who want to cheat will find a way anyway, there will be other ways to find people who are hacking at the system without hurting the people who are not hacking up the system. Putting a short time counter on the page will just encourage people to actually read what they're reviewing, they'll figure "well i'm just sitting here waiting for it, i might as well read it."


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Food So Good

Have you ever had food that was SO good you wanted to throw up, just so you'd have room to eat more of it? Well, I'm on a mission to find those foods at one of my new blogs, Consumable Reviews.

Friday, January 11, 2008

User Friends

Many of us have had friends out there that are "users." They just use their friends for money, car rides, drugs, and attention just to name a few.

As we gain wisdom, those people become easy to point out. However, there are some of us, probably many of us who have had friends who have hit rock bottom before, at least from our friends perspective. We've helped those friends many times.

Eventually, it gets to a point where those "friends" are constantly hitting rock bottom, every time we help them up, they fall down again, dragging us, our family and friends with them just a little bit each time, some times a lot in just one time.

I've realized that not only is it hurtful to us, the helpers, it's also hurtful to those we help, because they fall a little bit further each time, knowing that they don't have to rely only on themselves to pull themselves back up.

In my opinion, feeling guilty for not helping friends that I've tried to help before is wrong. I'm not letting my drug addict friends drag me and my family down with them, especially after I've tried helping multiple times. Because they take advantage of our kindness, I believe that makes them the worst kind of person and the least deserving friend, even if they can't control themselves because of drugs. I don't believe that "can't control myself because of drugs" crap. I do believe "I don't want to control myself because I enjoy the drugs too much" crap though. Anyone who says they "can't" can go suck an onion.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fisting... The Good Old Days...

Well, I've never done that. But I have a feeling this fisting article is going to be a good old classic. I tagged this with Art and Creative Writing, because even though it's not my work, Advertisement creation is still an art. It just happened to be funny art this time! :D

Sunday, January 06, 2008

I Posted over 343 Articles in One Year!

179 on Funny Guy (
73 on This blog (That Which is Written)
57 on Computer Graphics and Web Design
34 on the Cool Sites blog

Total: 343!

I have a few more blogs than that too and if you consider posting art a type of blogging, the total is very likely over 400!

I feel accomplished.

I would also like to add that probably 90% of that was done in about 2/3 or 3/5 of a year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

On Mars We Shape New Lands

On Mars: While they bicker and kill themselves over countries they have already destroyed for reasons which they don't remember or never knew, we shape new lands here. It is ashame they squabble, for their thoughts could help build the human empire, rather than be a shameful page in the history texts, in the chapter of the final dark ages.

Writing Off Topic

In response to this...

So anyway, I was on this buss right, and in the dream, I leaped from it and jumped on top of a train station, from there… I began flying… Then I woke up…

Oh sorry… That whole writing “off topic” thing probably doesn’t apply for comments does it?

I do that too though… I actually started MANY blogs which are hard to keep track of and updated so I wouldn’t be writing off topic. Now my topics are becoming more general so it’s kind of hard to actually write off topic… So I can write more on one blog and stop spreading my brain juice in places on the internet that don’t need it, even though the internet would probably stop working without my brain juice, because it’s just so sweet. T’would be as a bee hive without honey! T’would be most disastrous! That’s why I save my boogers. Not for me, but for the world!