Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Doing Nothing for Peace of Mind

I want to do nothing to get peace of mind, but I am restless for fear of losing time. I think doing nothing as much as possible may bring outer peace. Outer peace shoud intice inner peace. I wonder if the observations of a peaceful situation will show it is the same as an unpeaceful situation, with majorly the perception of the same situations changed. I wonder if there is no time to do nothing, then perhaps there is time to give up? Perhaps giving up the strained search for peace will make peace reveal itself? It does seem contradictory to strain for peace... However it goes against modern thought that specifically reducing the ammount of effort would produce better thoughts. Perhaps when thinking about nothing, it removes both positive and negative (doubt) thoughts... Giving a chance to start a new each time the "giving up" is started... And the direction of the new hope seems likely to have a good chance to more easily go in the direction the new hope was started... Either doubted or doubtless...