Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Managers Responsibility; Something I've noticed

Something I've noticed recently, is managers are often not respected specifically because people think they do less. While some may be doing less, most may seem like they're doing about the same amount of work as regular employees but getting paid more. However, it is typically a managers duty to go to work when someone calls out, if they can't find another employee to cver for them. That may not seem like such a bad thing, though when you put it in perspective you'll see that an employee may call out saying he or she is sick. The store will still stay opened as long as the manager is there though. So what if managers want to call out? If they can't find another manager to cover their shift, the store will be unable to be open. Hence, they will more likely be fired. So, while a regular employee has to choose between losing a days worth of pay to see their best friends birthday, a manager may choose between their job and seeing their child be born. Which situation is more tricky? Lose a day of pay and see your child be born, or lose your job and see your child born, but have no means of supporting it, except 'hoping' you'll get another job to meet bills before your car is taken away. Hope is good, but then again, hope isn't a plus mark on most managerial resumes. A child bring born is a very important thing, however it is unlikely that you will know the exact date of birth beforehand, so getting another manager to cover for you may be tricky. One method is letting all of the other managers know ahead of time to ask if they would cover for you on the day of your childs birth, but of course, they will still have plans, likely including some plans that are very important to them. Imagine your child was born on XMAS, you'll be looked down on as a bad parent for not being there for your childs birth on XMAS, but it's nearly impossible for someone to cover your shift if your scheduled to work on XMAS. Sure, a regular job, you could quit if it comes down to and have another job of the same stature lickity split. Though if you need managerial pay to sustain bills, not marking your job of the last 3 years down on your resume due to a possibility of a horrfying reference doesn't look very good to the prospective employer.

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