Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogger Buzz: Flag As Objectionable?

Please see When The Flag Isn't There

Blogger Buzz: Flag As Objectionable?

Report Blogs on Blogspot When Flag is Hidden

Some spammers and policy abusers (putting adult content on blogger) use techniques to hide the "Flag" button which is supposed to allow blog viewers to report a site they think is inappropriate or violates Bloggers policies. I didn't find it on Blogger yet, but it's probably against their content policy to hide the flag button as well.

To report a blog on blogspot, simply follow this link:

When finished you should see

Hope that helped!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Freedom of Speech

Generally, people are smart and also people generally think violence is wrong.

With that in consideration, so long as people stick to believing violence is wrong, the wisdom of crowds is very beneficial. Without free speech, the wisdom of crowds becomes less and less a resourceful method of discovering truth, because [speech] communication plays a key role in sharing wisdom.

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Related Quote:
"You're asking the government to control individual morality.
This is a government that can't buy a toilet seat for under $600."

Peter McWilliams
Author of "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do"

Freedom of speech is illegal.

Tell me, are there no limits on words you can say?

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

SPAM in my email containing

I received the following email from

"BATCH: 573881545-NL/2007
REF NO: 9590 ES 9414
BATCH: 573881545-NL/2007
YOUR EMAIL ID HAS WON $1,500,000.00(ONE Million,Five Hundred Thousand
USD) in the first category of our computer ballot email lottery.
  No ticket was sold but it  is to encourage internet users.
To claim your winning, contact the Paying Bank office:
NAME :laagstehypotheekofferte Mr. woolley Andrew
Contact E:mail:
        Tel: +31-61-693-1946
        Fax: +31-84-724-9563
Send the following to the claim departmen:Full names,Address,Age,
Occupation,Phone/Fax no,Ref No,Batch No.Name: Mr.Paul Leech
For:  Mr.Paul Leech

It definitely appears to be SPAM:

TIP: When an emailer you're not familiar with emails from one email address then asks you to write to another email address, it's more often than not, spam.

EXAMPLES: If it involves something that a lot of people would want, it's usually SPAM. I.e. You won an amazingly expensive tour de world, or a cagillion dollars is waiting here, all we need is you to email us, maybe give us a little bit of information (because we're so rich we can give you a cagillion dollars, but can't afford to look up your phone number), or even, "I'm a hot wet blonde man or woman, you take your pick, just email me and i have a website with cams and pics that i put up there for you, epescially because i've never met you before and enjoy trusting strangers with my naked body and meeting them in person, as i suggested in the email"

Those are fine examples of spam.

Let's take the email we're looking at here... It's entirely in English, yet the website ( is entirely in another language, that right there is a pretty sure sign.

Likely here, (though not always) the scammer wants someone to reply, and the domain may or may not be really related to the email at all. Sometimes they do make fake domains (and when I say domain, I mean... or So don't always judge, especially without GOOGLE.

 Here's other helpful links regarding THIS specific piece of spam: