Monday, March 20, 2006

Paintings Section Moved and Updated!

I believe this new style has more of any artsy feel. I'll be adding more paintings to the section asap.

Here's a little image to show you one of the paintings. Abstract Oil Painting of A Fish and Fox

Chexed out the new section here: Paintings

Thursday, March 09, 2006

You know who a genius is?

The guy who invented the stapler, and the guy who invented a paper-clip. Honestly, I don't really even know for sure if it was a guy or a girl who invented either of the inventions mentioned above. However, from my observations, it seems as though most inventors are men. Why is this?

Is it because women were not given as much "creative freedom" in past years (and in recent years in some locations)? Or is it something genetic? - Lol... Just joking about that genetics part. I laugh pretty hard in the face of genetics. Not to discredit genetics completely, but not to credit them completely either, which is so funny, because so many people do. "Sorry, I'm short because of genetics." Well, sure, I give genetics that much, that it may play a (the word "a" implies and definitely means here "a single") factor in why someone is short, but, doesn't food play a factor? Here's an extreme example of how food plays a factor in your height; If you NEVER ate, you would of died shortly after being born, and you would of stayed quite short wouldn't you of? Now for a less ludicrous example: If you're malnourished, your bones wont have the energy to grow, thus, you'll be shorter.

How that last paragraph relates to the first is this, even if "genetic science" does (theoretically, of course) prove that women are less creative, DON'T LET THAT HOLD YOU BACK. Spit in the face of genetics. Say "genes don't wear me, I wear the genes." Don't let genetic science (a.k.a. genetic theory) control your life.

Here's a definition of "Theory:"

An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.
(source: American Heritage Dictionary)

And that's what science, including genetic science most definitely is.

I think it would be so ridiculously funny, that if in the future, the world was once again proven to be flat, we just "perceive" it as round. Then later, people realize that shape is subjective.

Well, I'm running of on a tangent now. I'm going to go.

Why do search engines include "abusers"

In response to this article:

If Google or any search engine were to delete sites whos links were being spammed, then competing web sites could easily get other websites deleted off of search engine databases by spamming their competitors links all over the place.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Eye Never Lies

The Eye Doesn't Lie by ~Chexed on deviantART

An Original Oil Painting of an Eye by David Rader II. The canvas was salvaged from an old clock and put to good use. It's wood with fishnet connected to it and the paint was painted over top of the fishnet. There's a hole where the pupil is where the clock used to poke through. It has been said that the origination of the canvas even gives the painting more character. Some may consider it "Junk Yard Art."

I've got the painting here

Friday, March 03, 2006

Less Smoke Act

Shorter cigarettes (and any cigarette that has less tobacco and/or a longer filter) are one of the few ways to make smoking less unhealthy, and a step towards quitting smoking if you desire to quit.

Imagine for a moment; You want to quit smoking so you buy a pack of cigarettes that are of a smaller portion and cost less, the change typically wouldn't be so bad that you would notice much difference. Once you are used to the shorter cigarettes, then you buy a pack that has even shorter cigarettes for a less expensive price, and once again the change is not so big that you notice much difference, but it is saving you more money and is less damaging to your health, eventually if you will be in an easier position to quit smoking and if you chose to keep smoking the shorter cigarettes, your health will be at less risk and will be taking a less life effecting chunk of your money from your pockets.

The only sure way to make most people stop smoking, is by making tobacco illegal, which is not happening any time soon. Despite awareness of health problems from tobacco rising, the number of smokers is also rising. Besides the obvious health benefit this tax cut will provide to Americans, it also provides them a financial benefit by having more money to put elsewhere in the economy, employee's taking less time consuming smoke breaks, a healthier atmosphere (though small, as we know, every bit counts).

To make sure the tobacco companies do not make up for this tax cut by selling their tobacco at a higher price to the vendors, a type of price lock may be in order so their selling price must only go up and down according to inflation and deflation. This price changing transition will only take place at the end of each year. A law to compensate for this predicament is also being proposed

If you want to see your cigarette prices going down and smoking become less damaging to you or your loved ones health, take a short moment to sign this online petition


(Source: )

FEMA Dissapointments

I find it funny when girls call guys cheap like it's a bad thing. Seriously, how do they think the rich guys got rich? Definitely not by blowing their money on every fancy thing that comes along.

Person 1: "You got 50 thousand dollars in the bank and you use coupons??!?!"

Person 2: "Uhhh, how do you think I got 50 G in the bank? Looking for the most expensive way I can buy something before I buy it?" Many "less rich" people stay that way because they're so afraid of looking cheap so they buy expensive things to make themselves feel good, which ends up keeping them in the same shoes they don't want to be in.

Note: I just want to make it clear, I don't have anything against women here, just from my observation it's usually women calling guys cheap. I suppose that's because we're still in a time when men are typically the "bread makers." I'm sure some guys call women cheap too and as time goes on, it probably will, but hopefully not happen more often.

If you think Ramen noodles aren't good, then it's probably been too long since you've had them and you're probably not creative enough to spice them up. It's pasta, cook it, then add a can of spaghetti sauce on it, it doesn't even have to be soup.

RESPONSE FROM a reader "J":
Umm..I suppose it could be deemed offensice, but there are always us suckers for a pretty face who will buy anything the young damsel might point a slender digit at, just to see that pretty smile cross supple lips, only in turn to have said lips caress another pair, only not yours. typically, your best friend.

Yeah well, some might just suck all of the money out of us every chance they get, then later when we're older nag about how we don't have any money.

Hypothetical Converation: Well you said I was cheap for not wanting to eat at red lobster for the past 20 years so I felt bad and we ended up eating there twice a month spending 20$ more on food than we would anywhere else. Over the course of twenty years, those just "only twice a month honey" events turned into $9,600. So stop bitching about how your car is running bad and we don't have the money to pay for it. In fact, if you didn't get your nails done twice a month for 20$ bucks each, we'd have nearly $20 grand and you could get that ass enhancement you've always wanted. Now that I'm going on, I might as well add in the once a month movies and once a month pedicure and there ya have it, nearly 30 grand. We could of had our house paid off and workin on a new car. I could go on for hours and include the real price of getting your nails done, but I'm being conservative. Which brings me to another point, wasting water, yeah, it's one of the least expensive things in the world, but don't you care about the future of others? You're not only a money blowing woman, but you're an inconsiderate one too. Turn the lights off when you're not using them and the water, if you wont do it for us, do it for the environment, which means doing it for everyone, including yourself, your kids, your grand kids, and as horrible as it may sound to you, me. Being cheap, or to use a much better and more accurate word, being conservative isn't just a service to yourself, it's just a service to everyone. So don't let your low self-esteem of feeling cheap punish everyone.

NOT Dawn though (MY FIANCÉ)! Thank God!

( Source: Cheap? on

New Orleans is Now the Old Orleans

It seems as though this tragedy is facing another threat. More storms may be coming and the seas not canceling storm season any time soon.

But hey, let’s look at the bright side fellows (that’s ladies and gents); thousands have been rescued and more still coming.

Relief aid from around the world is coming. Rescue workers from our once standoff enemy are now stepping forward with a hand in peace. Though some rescue workers could be doing more, they’re still helping the people by just being there.

(Source: Being Sued?

Teachers say should control their kids. Parents probably think Teachers should control their kids in school. Companies probably think Parents should control their kids.

If everyone thinks the kids should be controlled, then everyone must take action on it. We are a community, so lets act like one and work on solving problems together.

Each person, including myspace users, should report messages from minors if they feel it is inappropriate. For example, I don't mind my underage cousins flirting with other kids around their age, but I do mind some 13 year old kid soliciting to sex to everyone they know and do not. There's a line to be drawn and who's to say what that line is?

First must fix their search engine. When you click to browse, you may put in a search for people 18-30 years old, and has it set up- so that you can not search for people under 18 years of age and I commend that. However, it does not work properly, if you search for the minimum age (18) to the maximum age (103?), then you may and probably will still get results from minors. Just yesterday, I did a search and someone 14 years old came up and it's been months since I've been using this service and they have yet to fix the problem. I admit, that no one may of even mentioned this particular problem to MySpace, so as a MySpace member who really does enjoy their general service, I will make them aware of this.

Another way to improve their service, is so that for people over the legal age (going by the legal age in their state- or that of the highest legal age of any state- incase the programming for individual states is too complex or will take a long time to fix, so this can be done as a temporary solution), do not show up in any results to people over the legal age.

Another solution, moderators for this growing company can be placed to specially monitor messages from minors. Of course, there are too many minors to monitor every message, so messages, bulletins, blogs and profiles may be randomly picked picked by the moderators to block, delete, and/or ban users or messages for content including text or images(pictures).

One more solution that is currently on my mind, is that a spider bot(s) (which automatically searches pages) will randomly search pages of all users over the legal age who have messages such as "i'm really only 14," or "even tho my profile says i'm 19 'i'm really 12.'" different key phrases can be brought to moderators attention to review.

Actually, I thought of another solution, there can be an option that says "specify this profile for adult content," so people who even if they don't have what some may consider inappropriate material on their page, they may still want minors to be blocked from their content for other numerous reasons. This solution is probably less likely to be implimented because it has the most potential to hinder general community activity.

I hope this has helped and informed some people interested in I do not want to give a bad name. It really is a great site that offers valuble services to millions, but the better the site, the more complications it will need to fix to stay on the up side of improvement.

I'm Engaged!

I'm now engaged to a lovely girl named Dawn. I've known her since high school (2000). We met in chorus class. Man, she's got a voice. I proposed to her on November 28th and we're getting married on May 21st 2006. I can't wait! Well, I suppose I have to wait, but I don't want to! Take a gander at her beauty!