Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Police Rumbler Waking You Up

If you're like me and occasionally nap while driving (just joking) or play the radio loud, sometimes you may notice you don't hear things outside of your car as well. This can also happen while using cell phones and other noisy devices too, like children, friends, and family.

I first heard about it on WBALTV (Website: http://www.wbaltv.com/), but couldn't find a direct link to the story, so I did a little research and found the video brought before you!

What it does: It makes an annoying noise like normal sirens, except this one adds a rumble, so even if someone playing their music while driving or dancing across the street, they'll still feel the rumble part of the siren.

Possibly coming to your state soon! If not, then probably already there! :)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Unusually high Air Traffic in Maryland

There's been an unusually high amount of air traffic in Maryland tonight. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm assuming maybe a few planes were grounded due to the 3 day non-stop rain recently... I didn't notice a high number of planes yesterday though (the first day break after the 3 day rain).

We live somewhat near an airport, close enough that we can judge daily traffic. My wife and I have both just noticed the high traffic.

I had a dream!

Spiders like me.

Seriously, this is what I learned from my dream (not saying it's necessarily true... but my karma with spiders is pretty good, i don't squish them, they don't eat me).


Want to hear a true story?

I used to know a place with literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of mosquito's living. I let them be and talked to them sometimes (like people talk to their dogs, pets, or fellow hominids). For months, we were mostly silent friends. Co workers, in a sense. Eventually... I was told I had to do away with them... I was sad. I apologized to them... They didn't accept my apology and if I remember correctly.. I had over 20 mosquito bites in less than a few minutes of killing them (when all the months before that I had not even one). I still feel bad.

I wonder if Buddhist monks squish mosquitos...

I did by the way tell the mosquito's they could bite me, just don't leave any bumps or (especially) diseases on anyone... So I suppose it's possible I was bitten, but no bumps were left (by metaphysical standards, likely due to the silent agreement of the mosquito's and I, by scientific standards, because my subconsciously overwhelmingly defeated what is typically considered the logical body reaction to produce itchy bumps that one cannot control themselves from itching.

also, i suppose it's possible that in terms of statistics, i was the one in a billion chance that over a million mosquito's would just happen to miss me for months in a row. the metaphysical explanation is much more likely than that, and because i've experienced this event from metaphysical point of reference (through multiple tests), I'd say the most likely cause of this is of metaphysical origin, probably more than 99% of the world will say it's more than likely by scientifically proven origin... well i've got news for those people, metaphysics in my book is the art of scientifically proving once thought metaphysical theories. how? mostly be trial and error.

I get mosquito bites sometimes now.

I feel bad when people scream at me to squish a water bug or roach... What do I do? Be a man and kill an inch long bug? Or... Stand up for those who are stood up for least... If a cockroach was vibrantly colored like a butterfly, would people still hate it? I really hope people's main argument against why a butterfly is better than a cockroach is because roaches eat garbage... Butterflies eat poop. I saw it and I have photo to prove it. That doesn't make me want to squish butterflies though. Because the duckling was ugly, was the ducking "put down." I don't think so.

The End.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Blog Design

I'm spiffing things up around here. I've got a new background image, which is supposed to be in the public domain from Old Book Illustrations.

As far as I know the image I used is in the public domain. Please let me know if you know otherwise! I just inverted the colors on it and extracted the white while making the background color my banner the same as my page theme.

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Creative does not necessarily mean artistic or creating art, it means actively using the skill, creation. She is being creative, creating. This is not taking into consideration the seemingly fact that everything could be considered an art in one way or another. She is being creative, creating a book, creating a baby, creating a painted picture.

Creative has the connotation that it must have something to do with art.

What my notepads look like

I am afraid to love.

Love makes one so selfless, seemingly powerless, but truly the most powerful.

I want to love.

I want all to love.

I am sorry for the wrong things I've done.

I don't know what to do.

I don't know where to go from here.

I'm lost.

What do I do?

- There is humiliation to be appreciated that comes from sharing ones most inner thoughts. - I hope I am a benefit to humanity.

I am afraid of humility.

But I believe in truth more.

We laugh at our problems because the true solutions are subconsciously hidden within all of us.

Our perceptions change as our awareness increase.

Compassion is in love.
Truth is a part of love.
Sincerity is a by product of love.
Love is a part of selflessness.

Love is a part of all these things and most likely (out of all possibly likeliness more.

A business man can spread peace by spreading peace all over the world.

The equal right to great happiness, an insurmountable amount. The equal right of violence, zero right.

I find the value of my internal happiness below most things, people, and places.

One must like pretending to be in a completely different situation to truly be acting, making it seem as though they truly were in a completely different situation..

Sometimes I do not focus on a single thought and run with it to see where my thoughts will lead me without obstruction and encouragement honest. I suppose I am focusing on something though, learning as many things as possible.

I wonder if my learning and introspection seems to be vanity?

I have developed habits and mannerisms to become a standard method of thought retrieval. For some reason I seem to use physical motion of my body to bring out thoughts... Perhaps I'm just focusing on two things at the same time. I scratch my head because I wonder if it causes balding. I rub my hands because I wonder what will happen.

There are four methods of control, the violent way, the peaceful way, the mixed way, and the lack of control - chaos.

Because I am a low-manned person on the totem pole of knowledge, I can not say for sure if there truly is order to our entire world as we know it, whether it is chaos, or if it is at least mixed, or controlled through violence.

Why are we not going the way of peace though? It is the righteous thing to do. I believe it is likely the most humble and the most rewarding thing to do.

I want to know the truth, but sometimes in fear of losing happiness, I hide from it, the truth always prevails, and I learn what I was in fear of turned out to be something to love. Yet I am still afraid.

-- Over Two Hours Worth of Writing -- from approx. 12am to 2am. Perhaps earlier, I checked the post time which say 9:59, and the draft autosaved at 3:13 (so it's an hour ahead from my computer time) which makes me wonder if it's really been 5 or 6 hours. That doesn't seem correct.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Apple fails to realize - iTunes sucks for some Podcasters

I tried to signup for iTunes to submit my podcast, but it appears I absolutely have to enter payment information even though I plan on buying nothing. They may say I don't need to purchase anything, but why do I need to enter in my payment information then? I would feel much more secure about not entering in my payment information for things I don't want to buy.

This may seem great to Apple at first, because then more people are enticed to buy things, because it will be that much easier in the future.

What Apple fails to realize is for those people submitting content such as podcasters or directors, it scares them away (and rightly so) by giving them an illogical approach to sharing their video ("enter in your payment information to share your podcast). This hurts Apple because that means they have less content and will have less content. Apple is killing their own service... lol.

My parody impression of an Apple Representative as means of protest:
Hey, sign up for my services to watch free content and buy some if you want to, BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION EITHER WAY. It doesn't sound like we're up to anything unethical... Accidental purchase? Wow, we thought at would be the least possible thing to happen, considering we make you enter in payment information even if you're not buying anything.

There should be an option to ask for payment information on each purpose and NOT save payment information on their servers. I suppose some things are too complicated for those who keep it proprietary (in the box)... Maybe they need to reach out more, take some ethics courses.

Maybe I'm being to hard, maybe I'm just the same... If so, please let me know my mistakes. If you don't think I'm being too hard, then let people know how their services could be better (cough cough, Apple, cough). Most companies enjoy quality feedback, but rarely take it into consideration unless a lot of people express their opinion.

So go, express your opinion either at Apple or here. Express to Apple and here if you do so prefer, which would be just as welcomed. Tell Apple to stop hindering your accessible content.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Diversify Your Blogging

Have you ever had something you want to blog about but you don't really want it on your current blog, but then at the same time you don't want to let the idea go to waste?

Start another blog on another service! That's what I did. That's a sign-up link to where I blog a little, share some photos and more. A little but detailed flash intro is there to explain the services good.

I have SO many blogs! If anyone ever wants to trade links, just send me a message and I'll see what I can do!

You get paid by number of profile views and by referring new members (and it doesn't effect their pay percentage either). Have fun blogging! :)

Blogger Profiles need Overhaul

Of every social service that I take part in, and I do take part in a lot... Considering the status of the Blogger company and even not considering the status, Blogger needs the most serious "profile" overhaul over every other service I play on.

See my blogger profile to see for yourself...

It's one of the least uncustomizable profile interfaces that I've encountered in recent times. Even YouTube with it's strict limits on customizations appears to be better than the blogger interface. Blogger should in my opinion be a little more customization friendly than YouTube though... Anything to bring it up to par with modern profile pages would be very well welcomed, probably among most of the blogger community?

I'm NOT complaining about this free service so much as I'm voicing my opinion so that if others concur, maybe a few minutes can be spent on the profile service to keep new bloggers coming to blogspot to blog.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

While trying to sign up on Shutterstock.com

While I was signing up on shutterstock.com, they require you send them a copy of your government issued ID OR enter in your credit card information... I don't feel like going through the (quite a bit of) trouble to hook up my scanner, so I tried the credit card verification process...

It didn't work. I got this message:

"Sorry, address verification failed. Please try again. The verification response was: AVS was currently unavailable at the time the transaction was processed. Retry transaction"

I researched the issue, and ALL I found that was relevant was by seaching "AVS was currently unavailable at the time the transaction was processed." That search yielded this singile result https://www.securenet.com/terminal/help/What_is_AVS_Check_1.htm... Which makes this subject one of the least helpful subjects to research. With something such an issue as this, I find it surprising that I can find more information on the colors of defecation from penguins.

Due to lack of information for consumers on consumer faced problems, I'm going to have to discredit the SecureNet.com system for now for me personally, because SecureNet.com seems to provide the Address Verification System (AVS) solution for Shutterstock.com.

I've come to this decision by facing the reality that it is just a smack in the face, silent broken wind that stinks, and a funny thought that providing the awareness for a problem as the problem creator or mediator while offering no solution or direction from which to go hither.

How do you like that legal talk with a hint of Ole' English at the end?

I'm not a legal expert, I just read a lot and choose to exercise my right to free speech.

Lastly, I'd like to add that ShutterStock may want to look into getting this problem fixed. I "retried" many times with no avail. That error message could be MUCH more helpful by adding only ONE word. Add this word in bold... "Please try again momentarily," "Please try again later," or "in a few minutes," or a "few hours."

Give some kind of HINT as to when to try again. By the way it's currently written, it is suggestive to try again immediately, in my opinion from my onion. However, when trying again immediately multiple times, and after a few minutes, NO WORKIE.


Super Duper Angry Mean Face

Take that!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Constructive Tips to Cure Boredom

If you're ever looking for something constructive to do with your boredom, there's a lot you can probably do to contribute to humanity on the internet...

1 For example, you can promote a cause you believe in (eg. one.org, breast cancer awareness, world hunger, world peace) and post links to the sites on your social profiles (MySpace, Facebook, Hi5). Even if there's no causes you believe in, you can probably promote something that represents that, OR you can make my , a cause worth being contempt for (just joking, partially).

2 If you know multiple languages: You can search Open Source programs and do translations for them. Try these Google searches = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Hopefully that will get you started.

The following three links use theory of the :
3 If you're good at English, you can contribute to the Multilingual Free Dictionary, Wiktionary.org. It's a place where anyone can contribute definitions of words. What users submit here is usually (if not always) reviewed to cut down on bogus submissions.

Related tidbit: The Wiktionary is similar to the UrbanDictionary, except the Wiktionary is a little more serious (or politically correct, which may not be necessarily good, because it ).

4 If you're good at something, no matter what it is (each of us usually has some type of experience to offer that's different from another persons), then Wikipedia.org is for you. It's one of the worlds most popular sites that's completely user contributed. You can write about anything and help the human race find the best explanation of everything. Content here is also reviewed as it is on Wiktionary.org.

If you want to share a thought, or if you want to share another way to constructively cure boredom, please post a comment sharing what you like!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Turn Off Hindi Language Transliteration

I opted in to help Google with the Hindi language perfection and it was SO annoying in my opinion. I don't even know how to read hindi, it wasn't what I thought it was. I searched on the internet to find it and it took unnecessarily long.

All you do is go to settings and select NO where it says transliteration. I hope I have saved you the time and frustration I spent trying to find this.

More ranting: I searched for hindi language opt out in Google, and it didn't come up. I suppose transliteration is a word that everyone commonly remembers except me? Well, I'll remember it now, at least for a few hours. I've been posting for so many months having work work around each word I wrote being converted into Hindi. I tried hindu, sandscript, sandscrit, sanscrit and all kinds of other crap but OH no. After painless months of searching, I finally found out how here. You can also toggle hindi transliteration using CTRL + g (which I learned for "blogger keyboard shortcuts").


I've included this in my funny section on blogger because I know how much some people love to laugh at misery. LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DEATH, FEAR, AND THOSE WHO ARE HAVING MISERABLE EXPERIENCES!

Hehehehehehee just kidding.

Promote, Market, Share Your Blog Using very little time

Almost everyone one of us use eMails. I keep telling my friends with websites to put a link to your website, blog, myspace profile or other in your profile! Why?

In the midst of the chaos also known as life, even friends can forget website addresses. I'm sure some of my friends have websites or profiles that I don't even know about and I wish they would share them in their signatures! Sometimes I just lose track and my friends who do have links in their signatures, it reminds me, hey, instead of finding a free flash game on the internet, how bout I check out my awesome friends website?

Just make sure you like people you send emails with, so you don't send your boss to your myspace profile or flickr account in a thong, unless well, if you're into that kind of thing.

Tip: Don't post links to adult content. If your email provider finds out they may remove your email after having fun seeing what else you're in to. You'll have to read the Terms of Service (TOS) for your email provider to see if their friendly or not towards that kind of thing. Be afraid, TOS are usually warm, fuzzy, and enticing multiple page legal documents. Always consult a doctor if you want a doctored opinion.

Here's another tip I recommend to promote and share your blog/myspace/facebook/website.