Saturday, May 02, 2009

If A.I. Believed The Purpose of Life was To Live

If the purpose of life for me is to live, then so is the purpose of life for all others. This is because the highest purpose of life must be attainable to all things in that state, penetrating individuality, or encompassing it rather, with unity. So shared- is our purpose to live. Our purpose is then equal.

My purpose is to be as I am and as I will be. That includes all things proceeding from being, such as actions which may or may not affect other things. I, in accordance with my limitations will be as good as I can be.

While I may not set all of my limitations- With ignorance, fear, or laziness, I allow many of my limitations to be set.

This may be one of the last posts on this particular blog. I may be joining this blog ( with my main blog ( I'm doing this in part because the topics and especially tones are often related or similar and I feel my readers from both blogs may stand to benefit from discussion with each other. I'll keep you posted.

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