Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tips For Writing comment

While reading an article on tips for writing, I decided to comment!

"Taking out words like "i think" and "i believe" take away the readers ease of knowing how strongly the writer feels about what s/he has written. For example: I think the world may be flat, but I also think it may be round, since evidence points to round, for now I'll believe that the world is round. This is just my opinion.

In all honesty, if memory serves me correctly, I have had less comments on argumentative articles where the grounds for my conviction seem less solid, but if I were to speak negatively about the grounds of opposer's of my convictions, I fear for their characters sake often may seem less solid than my grounds.

A little quid pro quo: Some stand on mountains and some fly. Who is better?

Thanks for your article!"


I'll be trying some of these things, especially the introductions and conclusions... I too often start in the middle, after all, if time is infinite, then that's where we and everything else in the present are, right? With infinity of time on both sides?

Well that's the end, I suppose I'm not too good at ending things... Neither is time, is it?

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