Sunday, August 10, 2008

About Happiness in the World - A comment

This is an extended comment I made on Donald Trumps blog post about "The Worlds Happiest Nations"
I'd say Mr. Inglehart is right [about the correlation between happiness and peace]. Who's happy about fighting except professional fighters? And even those professional fighters are only happy when they're winning, but in modern times they don't even have to worry about death so much. It's not like the sword fights of old.

Regarding the correlations [of peace between democracies] - I'm not a history or political major so I can only speak for recent years through memory, but it seems to me like governments usually don't want to fight each other, considering themselves friend by default (enemy of my enemy is my friend, considering other forms of government their enemies)... I think there's more to the correlation of happiness with democracies though... People actually feel more safe from their government because they have a strong hand in its actions (at least, they're supposed to). Even at its worst when the people are convinced they've played a major part in their own directions, they can say "at least I'm fighting for something I believe in."
(I thought this may be a bit too political of an extension to include in the comment on his blog)
People need to realize something about democracies which makes them fragile though. The biggest reason they're better than a communist government is because a democracy realizes that a single person or small group of people can easily become corrupt. When corrupt they will over look the common good. A democracy needs to be stirred, like any good soup, it will burn if not stirred. The richest and most humble flavors need to be spread throughout, so that every bite will be just right. Not too powerful, not too weak. A democracy is a Samaritans government when it's working the way it's supposed to.

By the way, the Trump Blog has some very good reads to it. I suggest subscribing to it if you want to hear one of the most powerful mens opinions in the world, he supposedly posts the blogs himself. I find he's surprisingly humble and expectedly intelligent.

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