Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quitting smoking

I just responded to someone asking for advice on quitting smoking on Yahoo Answers. I know my reply isn't going to be well received by everybody, but I figured if I didn't say something, the worst that would happen is someone wouldn't get help. I figured the worst that would happen if I were wrong is I would only look like an idiot, which seems well worth the risk of damage of my personal image considering someones personal health. I shouldn't care about my personal image.

Self obsessed ego's are entrapments of men. Ironically and thankfully, those 'mightier-than-thou' of ego's are becomming cliche.

I've been guilty of having one of those ego's. I've been trying crushing it, but it's been hard... It's as if I'm throwing away a shield, but it does make me more light-footed, so to speak.

I am not who others think I am and I'm probably not who I think I am, for neither others nor I know myself well enough. I do know that I want peace and will do anything short of disturbing peace in pursuing it. I'm not talking about peace of action, but peace of mind, where happiness can remain in myself and others as in a reflection on clear waters on a sunny day. When Earth trembles, our minds still can be still. Our minds will not spill as the Earth moves, as our cup does not spill when we walk with it. We will have peace.

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