Friday, March 03, 2006

FEMA Dissapointments

I find it funny when girls call guys cheap like it's a bad thing. Seriously, how do they think the rich guys got rich? Definitely not by blowing their money on every fancy thing that comes along.

Person 1: "You got 50 thousand dollars in the bank and you use coupons??!?!"

Person 2: "Uhhh, how do you think I got 50 G in the bank? Looking for the most expensive way I can buy something before I buy it?" Many "less rich" people stay that way because they're so afraid of looking cheap so they buy expensive things to make themselves feel good, which ends up keeping them in the same shoes they don't want to be in.

Note: I just want to make it clear, I don't have anything against women here, just from my observation it's usually women calling guys cheap. I suppose that's because we're still in a time when men are typically the "bread makers." I'm sure some guys call women cheap too and as time goes on, it probably will, but hopefully not happen more often.

If you think Ramen noodles aren't good, then it's probably been too long since you've had them and you're probably not creative enough to spice them up. It's pasta, cook it, then add a can of spaghetti sauce on it, it doesn't even have to be soup.

RESPONSE FROM a reader "J":
Umm..I suppose it could be deemed offensice, but there are always us suckers for a pretty face who will buy anything the young damsel might point a slender digit at, just to see that pretty smile cross supple lips, only in turn to have said lips caress another pair, only not yours. typically, your best friend.

Yeah well, some might just suck all of the money out of us every chance they get, then later when we're older nag about how we don't have any money.

Hypothetical Converation: Well you said I was cheap for not wanting to eat at red lobster for the past 20 years so I felt bad and we ended up eating there twice a month spending 20$ more on food than we would anywhere else. Over the course of twenty years, those just "only twice a month honey" events turned into $9,600. So stop bitching about how your car is running bad and we don't have the money to pay for it. In fact, if you didn't get your nails done twice a month for 20$ bucks each, we'd have nearly $20 grand and you could get that ass enhancement you've always wanted. Now that I'm going on, I might as well add in the once a month movies and once a month pedicure and there ya have it, nearly 30 grand. We could of had our house paid off and workin on a new car. I could go on for hours and include the real price of getting your nails done, but I'm being conservative. Which brings me to another point, wasting water, yeah, it's one of the least expensive things in the world, but don't you care about the future of others? You're not only a money blowing woman, but you're an inconsiderate one too. Turn the lights off when you're not using them and the water, if you wont do it for us, do it for the environment, which means doing it for everyone, including yourself, your kids, your grand kids, and as horrible as it may sound to you, me. Being cheap, or to use a much better and more accurate word, being conservative isn't just a service to yourself, it's just a service to everyone. So don't let your low self-esteem of feeling cheap punish everyone.

NOT Dawn though (MY FIANCÉ)! Thank God!

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