Thursday, March 09, 2006

You know who a genius is?

The guy who invented the stapler, and the guy who invented a paper-clip. Honestly, I don't really even know for sure if it was a guy or a girl who invented either of the inventions mentioned above. However, from my observations, it seems as though most inventors are men. Why is this?

Is it because women were not given as much "creative freedom" in past years (and in recent years in some locations)? Or is it something genetic? - Lol... Just joking about that genetics part. I laugh pretty hard in the face of genetics. Not to discredit genetics completely, but not to credit them completely either, which is so funny, because so many people do. "Sorry, I'm short because of genetics." Well, sure, I give genetics that much, that it may play a (the word "a" implies and definitely means here "a single") factor in why someone is short, but, doesn't food play a factor? Here's an extreme example of how food plays a factor in your height; If you NEVER ate, you would of died shortly after being born, and you would of stayed quite short wouldn't you of? Now for a less ludicrous example: If you're malnourished, your bones wont have the energy to grow, thus, you'll be shorter.

How that last paragraph relates to the first is this, even if "genetic science" does (theoretically, of course) prove that women are less creative, DON'T LET THAT HOLD YOU BACK. Spit in the face of genetics. Say "genes don't wear me, I wear the genes." Don't let genetic science (a.k.a. genetic theory) control your life.

Here's a definition of "Theory:"

An assumption based on limited information or knowledge; a conjecture.
(source: American Heritage Dictionary)

And that's what science, including genetic science most definitely is.

I think it would be so ridiculously funny, that if in the future, the world was once again proven to be flat, we just "perceive" it as round. Then later, people realize that shape is subjective.

Well, I'm running of on a tangent now. I'm going to go.

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