Friday, March 03, 2006 Being Sued?

Teachers say should control their kids. Parents probably think Teachers should control their kids in school. Companies probably think Parents should control their kids.

If everyone thinks the kids should be controlled, then everyone must take action on it. We are a community, so lets act like one and work on solving problems together.

Each person, including myspace users, should report messages from minors if they feel it is inappropriate. For example, I don't mind my underage cousins flirting with other kids around their age, but I do mind some 13 year old kid soliciting to sex to everyone they know and do not. There's a line to be drawn and who's to say what that line is?

First must fix their search engine. When you click to browse, you may put in a search for people 18-30 years old, and has it set up- so that you can not search for people under 18 years of age and I commend that. However, it does not work properly, if you search for the minimum age (18) to the maximum age (103?), then you may and probably will still get results from minors. Just yesterday, I did a search and someone 14 years old came up and it's been months since I've been using this service and they have yet to fix the problem. I admit, that no one may of even mentioned this particular problem to MySpace, so as a MySpace member who really does enjoy their general service, I will make them aware of this.

Another way to improve their service, is so that for people over the legal age (going by the legal age in their state- or that of the highest legal age of any state- incase the programming for individual states is too complex or will take a long time to fix, so this can be done as a temporary solution), do not show up in any results to people over the legal age.

Another solution, moderators for this growing company can be placed to specially monitor messages from minors. Of course, there are too many minors to monitor every message, so messages, bulletins, blogs and profiles may be randomly picked picked by the moderators to block, delete, and/or ban users or messages for content including text or images(pictures).

One more solution that is currently on my mind, is that a spider bot(s) (which automatically searches pages) will randomly search pages of all users over the legal age who have messages such as "i'm really only 14," or "even tho my profile says i'm 19 'i'm really 12.'" different key phrases can be brought to moderators attention to review.

Actually, I thought of another solution, there can be an option that says "specify this profile for adult content," so people who even if they don't have what some may consider inappropriate material on their page, they may still want minors to be blocked from their content for other numerous reasons. This solution is probably less likely to be implimented because it has the most potential to hinder general community activity.

I hope this has helped and informed some people interested in I do not want to give a bad name. It really is a great site that offers valuble services to millions, but the better the site, the more complications it will need to fix to stay on the up side of improvement.

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