Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm telling you!

Check out this Starcraft Figure Auction. There are not that many things that increase in value as much as Starcraft figures have. Figures from 1998 are going for over double what they originally cost (at least in some stores) brand new. (around 12$ each)


Just a reminder to keep a look out for the effect Starcraft 2 has on the world. :-) No, I don't work for Blizzard, but I played the original Starcraft and expansion Starcraft Brood Wars games, which (though made before the second millennium,) are still among the most popular games today.1

Starcraft 2 I assume, will be even more popular, however, computer upgrades will be necessary for many places most likely. And there is one big thing that a lot of people are not anticipating, which I think is a mistake. That thing, is balance. Only from countless hours of multiplayer gameplay can a game be known well enough for educated tweaking to make the game balanced, people will assume the gameplay is as good as Starcraft, well, the Starcraft Original gameplay was (and may still be) improved upon throughout the course of years. Blizzard has much more experience in balancing games now, however, the game released will not be perfect and people will complain, but rest assured, Blizzard will surely resolve the issues, and tweak the game to balance it. Blizzard is a master of game balancing. I'm sure there're multiple other companies out that which are great at balancing games, but Blizzard is who I've had the most experience with and seen great things from.


Starcraft 2 Video Collection:

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