Monday, July 09, 2007

There's email, and then there's GMail.

There's email, and then there's GMail.

After reviewing choices of Yahoo E-Mail and Google G-Mail, I have come to an important finding. The finding is that when comparing the amounts of spam I get in my e-mail vs my Google e-mail, much more creeps through my Yahoo e-Mail.

If you notice, in many email clients, there is a button to report emails as SPAM, that reporting may give information to the email provider about what SPAM may look like, so they can then block it. Who knows how to identify SPAM the best? I have assumed that one major contributor to SPAM filters are techies.

One way that this can be taken advantage of timecost efficiently is by (*Sorry, you must contact me to view the rest of this paragraph, I must ensure that only one who is in charge of battling SPAM may view this.)

Because Google has been a leader in internet technology and techies often follow the newest technology (because advanced technology can increase ones abilities), SPAM filters are alerted by SPAM through SPAMS most powerful enemy, techies. That may be why the Google G-Mail seems to be working better for me.

Perhaps those who offer email services should take an extra note regarding getting internet techies (SPAM identifying pros) to use their email service. Now, how to entice the techies?

I consider myself a techie, and you could ask me for some ideas, but I know there's a lot more people out there who could suggest some great, low budget, useful and convenience making services :)

Dun Dun Dun,

Techie, The battler's of SPAM.

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