Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Qassia Beta Experience: Just Like Wikipedia

Is Qassia like wikipedia?
No, Qassia is NOT like wikipedia. Although it seems most of the users are used to wikipedia or article entry style websites, Qassia has something very promising to offer other websites don't. Something personal.

I understand they're still in beta, so I want to share some tips! They should have a more defined section (not more complicated, but with more examples of acceptable content so users know what kind of things they should approve and for what reasons. Keep the general, add a link to "more."

Also, I'm sure that a lot of users are just clicking through articles to approve them and to a small degree I can understand why... Because they get credits and there's rarely a "tid-bit" of information submitted on that site, so you have to read sometimes over 500 words to read, yet you get the same amount of credits for grading a 200 word submission as a 500 word submission. There should be a (lenient) counter that makes a person stay on the page they're grading a certain amount of time to grade the article. The length of that counter should depend on how many words are in the article, but should be lenient, because the people who read fast shouldn't be scorned and the people who want to cheat will find a way anyway, there will be other ways to find people who are hacking at the system without hurting the people who are not hacking up the system. Putting a short time counter on the page will just encourage people to actually read what they're reviewing, they'll figure "well i'm just sitting here waiting for it, i might as well read it."


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