Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Writing Off Topic

In response to this...

So anyway, I was on this buss right, and in the dream, I leaped from it and jumped on top of a train station, from there… I began flying… Then I woke up…

Oh sorry… That whole writing “off topic” thing probably doesn’t apply for comments does it?

I do that too though… I actually started MANY blogs which are hard to keep track of and updated so I wouldn’t be writing off topic. Now my topics are becoming more general so it’s kind of hard to actually write off topic… So I can write more on one blog and stop spreading my brain juice in places on the internet that don’t need it, even though the internet would probably stop working without my brain juice, because it’s just so sweet. T’would be as a bee hive without honey! T’would be most disastrous! That’s why I save my boogers. Not for me, but for the world!

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