Sunday, December 16, 2007

Poor Mistake

Wow, the promotion "Gifts To Grow" where you enter points for each pack of diapers you buy (so more than 10 boxes of diapers, which is over $200) and we saved up a whopping 61 points. We clicked on a toy for our daughter to redeem for "free" and it turns out you have to pay shipping. For a book that probably cost $2.00 in an expensive store, you have to pay $3.66 shipping! LOL! Taste the sarcasm. That's what it costs when your inconsiderate of peoples time. Maybe you were trying to do something good? Yeah, I'm going to open up a homeless shelter where I charge rent, and a soup kitchen where I charge per the pound.

No wonder the first thing out of stock is "Free Blockbuster Movie Rental." I thought it was just parents rather having a free movie for themselves over a free toy for their kid. It's probably just smart parents who realize the shipping price for those supposedly free toys cost more than the toys themselves, except I suppose, if you live in new york, maybe the toys cost more there since everything else seems to. But I live in Maryland, we have Wal Marts, K Marts, and Flea Markets here, things are cheap. 13 page books don't cost $3.66, they cost 97 cents.

Wow pampers. Maybe you should learn "value vs cost." You wasted my time. Hopefully the free blockbuster movies will be back in stock. Also, corporations like yourself usually have brains enough to work out some kind of deal with postal companies, especially when it's for kids, if you haven't learned that by now, I fear your company is doomed and that's sad, because you make good diapers. Maybe you should just include free block buster rentals in your boxes? More people would buy them, and you'd save more people time.

Maybe I'm just being to hard. My Native American Sioux brethren call me "yuo huiyue tat" which in English means "stands with a BFG" so maybe that says something. Just joking, I made that Sioux stuff up, my Indian side is mostly Cherokee anyway.

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