Saturday, October 13, 2007

Blogger Profiles need Overhaul

Of every social service that I take part in, and I do take part in a lot... Considering the status of the Blogger company and even not considering the status, Blogger needs the most serious "profile" overhaul over every other service I play on.

See my blogger profile to see for yourself...

It's one of the least uncustomizable profile interfaces that I've encountered in recent times. Even YouTube with it's strict limits on customizations appears to be better than the blogger interface. Blogger should in my opinion be a little more customization friendly than YouTube though... Anything to bring it up to par with modern profile pages would be very well welcomed, probably among most of the blogger community?

I'm NOT complaining about this free service so much as I'm voicing my opinion so that if others concur, maybe a few minutes can be spent on the profile service to keep new bloggers coming to blogspot to blog.

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