Monday, October 29, 2007

I had a dream!

Spiders like me.

Seriously, this is what I learned from my dream (not saying it's necessarily true... but my karma with spiders is pretty good, i don't squish them, they don't eat me).


Want to hear a true story?

I used to know a place with literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions of mosquito's living. I let them be and talked to them sometimes (like people talk to their dogs, pets, or fellow hominids). For months, we were mostly silent friends. Co workers, in a sense. Eventually... I was told I had to do away with them... I was sad. I apologized to them... They didn't accept my apology and if I remember correctly.. I had over 20 mosquito bites in less than a few minutes of killing them (when all the months before that I had not even one). I still feel bad.

I wonder if Buddhist monks squish mosquitos...

I did by the way tell the mosquito's they could bite me, just don't leave any bumps or (especially) diseases on anyone... So I suppose it's possible I was bitten, but no bumps were left (by metaphysical standards, likely due to the silent agreement of the mosquito's and I, by scientific standards, because my subconsciously overwhelmingly defeated what is typically considered the logical body reaction to produce itchy bumps that one cannot control themselves from itching.

also, i suppose it's possible that in terms of statistics, i was the one in a billion chance that over a million mosquito's would just happen to miss me for months in a row. the metaphysical explanation is much more likely than that, and because i've experienced this event from metaphysical point of reference (through multiple tests), I'd say the most likely cause of this is of metaphysical origin, probably more than 99% of the world will say it's more than likely by scientifically proven origin... well i've got news for those people, metaphysics in my book is the art of scientifically proving once thought metaphysical theories. how? mostly be trial and error.

I get mosquito bites sometimes now.

I feel bad when people scream at me to squish a water bug or roach... What do I do? Be a man and kill an inch long bug? Or... Stand up for those who are stood up for least... If a cockroach was vibrantly colored like a butterfly, would people still hate it? I really hope people's main argument against why a butterfly is better than a cockroach is because roaches eat garbage... Butterflies eat poop. I saw it and I have photo to prove it. That doesn't make me want to squish butterflies though. Because the duckling was ugly, was the ducking "put down." I don't think so.

The End.

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