Sunday, October 14, 2007

What Apple fails to realize - iTunes sucks for some Podcasters

I tried to signup for iTunes to submit my podcast, but it appears I absolutely have to enter payment information even though I plan on buying nothing. They may say I don't need to purchase anything, but why do I need to enter in my payment information then? I would feel much more secure about not entering in my payment information for things I don't want to buy.

This may seem great to Apple at first, because then more people are enticed to buy things, because it will be that much easier in the future.

What Apple fails to realize is for those people submitting content such as podcasters or directors, it scares them away (and rightly so) by giving them an illogical approach to sharing their video ("enter in your payment information to share your podcast). This hurts Apple because that means they have less content and will have less content. Apple is killing their own service... lol.

My parody impression of an Apple Representative as means of protest:
Hey, sign up for my services to watch free content and buy some if you want to, BUT YOU MUST GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION EITHER WAY. It doesn't sound like we're up to anything unethical... Accidental purchase? Wow, we thought at would be the least possible thing to happen, considering we make you enter in payment information even if you're not buying anything.

There should be an option to ask for payment information on each purpose and NOT save payment information on their servers. I suppose some things are too complicated for those who keep it proprietary (in the box)... Maybe they need to reach out more, take some ethics courses.

Maybe I'm being to hard, maybe I'm just the same... If so, please let me know my mistakes. If you don't think I'm being too hard, then let people know how their services could be better (cough cough, Apple, cough). Most companies enjoy quality feedback, but rarely take it into consideration unless a lot of people express their opinion.

So go, express your opinion either at Apple or here. Express to Apple and here if you do so prefer, which would be just as welcomed. Tell Apple to stop hindering your accessible content.

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