Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Turn Off Hindi Language Transliteration

I opted in to help Google with the Hindi language perfection and it was SO annoying in my opinion. I don't even know how to read hindi, it wasn't what I thought it was. I searched on the internet to find it and it took unnecessarily long.

All you do is go to settings and select NO where it says transliteration. I hope I have saved you the time and frustration I spent trying to find this.

More ranting: I searched for hindi language opt out in Google, and it didn't come up. I suppose transliteration is a word that everyone commonly remembers except me? Well, I'll remember it now, at least for a few hours. I've been posting for so many months having work work around each word I wrote being converted into Hindi. I tried hindu, sandscript, sandscrit, sanscrit and all kinds of other crap but OH no. After painless months of searching, I finally found out how here. You can also toggle hindi transliteration using CTRL + g (which I learned for "blogger keyboard shortcuts").


I've included this in my funny section on blogger because I know how much some people love to laugh at misery. LAUGH IN THE FACE OF DEATH, FEAR, AND THOSE WHO ARE HAVING MISERABLE EXPERIENCES!

Hehehehehehee just kidding.

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