Thursday, October 04, 2007

Constructive Tips to Cure Boredom

If you're ever looking for something constructive to do with your boredom, there's a lot you can probably do to contribute to humanity on the internet...

1 For example, you can promote a cause you believe in (eg., breast cancer awareness, world hunger, world peace) and post links to the sites on your social profiles (MySpace, Facebook, Hi5). Even if there's no causes you believe in, you can probably promote something that represents that, OR you can make my , a cause worth being contempt for (just joking, partially).

2 If you know multiple languages: You can search Open Source programs and do translations for them. Try these Google searches = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Hopefully that will get you started.

The following three links use theory of the :
3 If you're good at English, you can contribute to the Multilingual Free Dictionary, It's a place where anyone can contribute definitions of words. What users submit here is usually (if not always) reviewed to cut down on bogus submissions.

Related tidbit: The Wiktionary is similar to the UrbanDictionary, except the Wiktionary is a little more serious (or politically correct, which may not be necessarily good, because it ).

4 If you're good at something, no matter what it is (each of us usually has some type of experience to offer that's different from another persons), then is for you. It's one of the worlds most popular sites that's completely user contributed. You can write about anything and help the human race find the best explanation of everything. Content here is also reviewed as it is on

If you want to share a thought, or if you want to share another way to constructively cure boredom, please post a comment sharing what you like!

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