Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Blog Design

I'm spiffing things up around here. I've got a new background image, which is supposed to be in the public domain from Old Book Illustrations.

As far as I know the image I used is in the public domain. Please let me know if you know otherwise! I just inverted the colors on it and extracted the white while making the background color my banner the same as my page theme.

Let me know what you think!


Lucilius said...

Thanks for using one of our pics and thanks for the link too.
I just want to contribute with some more info, hoping you'll feel fully comfortable regarding copyright issues:
this picture was taken from a little book called - in the original version - Almanach comique, pitoresque, drôlatique, critique et charivarique pour l'année 1887, which means, to keep it short, Funny (etc...) alamanac for the year 1887
Two artists worked on the illustrations: one who's referred to as Draner, but whose real name was Jules Renard; he was born in 1833 in Liège (Belgium) and died in Paris in 1926. The other one is referred to as Henriot, but his real name was Henri Maigrot; he was born in 1857 and died in 1933. It is not possible, by just looking at the pics, to tell who did what; however these two artists being deceased for over 70 years, their work is now in the public domain in most countries.

David Rader II said...

You're quite welcome lucilius! Thanks for making those images available to us :-)