Thursday, October 11, 2007

While trying to sign up on

While I was signing up on, they require you send them a copy of your government issued ID OR enter in your credit card information... I don't feel like going through the (quite a bit of) trouble to hook up my scanner, so I tried the credit card verification process...

It didn't work. I got this message:

"Sorry, address verification failed. Please try again. The verification response was: AVS was currently unavailable at the time the transaction was processed. Retry transaction"

I researched the issue, and ALL I found that was relevant was by seaching "AVS was currently unavailable at the time the transaction was processed." That search yielded this singile result Which makes this subject one of the least helpful subjects to research. With something such an issue as this, I find it surprising that I can find more information on the colors of defecation from penguins.

Due to lack of information for consumers on consumer faced problems, I'm going to have to discredit the system for now for me personally, because seems to provide the Address Verification System (AVS) solution for

I've come to this decision by facing the reality that it is just a smack in the face, silent broken wind that stinks, and a funny thought that providing the awareness for a problem as the problem creator or mediator while offering no solution or direction from which to go hither.

How do you like that legal talk with a hint of Ole' English at the end?

I'm not a legal expert, I just read a lot and choose to exercise my right to free speech.

Lastly, I'd like to add that ShutterStock may want to look into getting this problem fixed. I "retried" many times with no avail. That error message could be MUCH more helpful by adding only ONE word. Add this word in bold... "Please try again momentarily," "Please try again later," or "in a few minutes," or a "few hours."

Give some kind of HINT as to when to try again. By the way it's currently written, it is suggestive to try again immediately, in my opinion from my onion. However, when trying again immediately multiple times, and after a few minutes, NO WORKIE.


Super Duper Angry Mean Face

Take that!


Kman said...

I signed up for only to run into major problums with there site and the downloads. I was brought to the download pages of the images I wanted and it would not load the download but would say I did download it when infact I had not. so then you do this a couple times and boom your at your 25 a day limit on downloads with no photos downloaded.. Also the couple times I was able to download the image files were corrupt and could not be loaded. I then tryed on my windows XP pro computer thikning maby it was something with windows vista ultimate, but nope! it is shutter stock. Most of the time you cant even log in you are sent to a error page with some strange code. (this was for the month of dec 2007) and a quick search on google showed me I was not alone in this issue. is a bad site and hardly works.. good luck to anyone who is duped into signing up! and forget there customer service, I sent over 14 emails to my service rep only to get a responce once in a while with a simple "sorry to hear your having trouble with our site, have a nice day!" ?!?! WTF ?!?!? no offers to help fix the problum or to send me the photos.
there site says i downloaded 673 images, when infact i only downloaded 117 & only 4 work the rest are corrupt files.
Best $199.00 ever wasted! Woot!


David Rader II said...

I think their code is really buggy. For those it works for, it works great, and for those it doesn't work for, they're just screwed without support.

Anonymous said...

AVOID THIS SITE. Shutterstock customer service is absolutely shocking. i called up to see if i could download multiple images at the same time from a lightbox, instead of having to go into each one and download it manually. to me, this is pretty basic stuff. if you go buy something from an online shop, you don't fill your shopping cart then proceed to pay for each one individually?

the guy on the other end was an ass. simple and plain. he went on the offensive basically just told me to deal with it and stop complaining.

the site doesn't work intuitively, the functionality is rubbish and the customer service is crap. SAVE YOUR MONEY. AVOID THIS SITE.